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This is a qualitative software for highly professional video file digitization, helping to convert any formats of file and put tags. A special technology, based on the work with video material, makes it possible to immediately hook up with the process.
This product offers productive operation of the process of file preparation, rapidly creating journals for markers and other temporal data that provide the ability to search during the final processing. Using this useful program, anyone can develop and edit video files much faster and very organized.

This program allows quickly tagging, transcode video files and easily performing draft editing using the software, use the insert and video journal recording functions designed for productive work with media materials and input metadata. Video records are rapidly transport to Adobe PP, that provides excellent connection and organization of the whole process of producing video files. This is an open platform that supports customizable integration of third-party technologies and management systems.
"Group projects" service is included into the server of Adobe Prelude CC 2017. Now professionals in the field of video file processing can easily forward their corrections and receive all changes made by colleagues, which gives an excellent opportunity to work on the same project in parallel - simultaneously prepare video clips in Prelude, create visual effects and animation in After Effects and mount it all in Premiere Pro.

Advantages of using the program:

Panel and tag templates
Simplistic process of draft mounting
Function of draft mounting in Adobe Anywhere
Improved integration with means of third-party developers
Viewing of exclusively clip fragments
Classification in thumbnail mode
Automatic custom incrementing
Information while data transference
Prelude Live Logger
Export video files, their various fragments and draft editing
Ability to export a list of markers
Expanded XMP support
The ability to view motionless images

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What's new

Version 2017 updates: - Voice imposition function
- Transitions during pre-installation
- Using keyboard shortcut to add tags
- HiDPI support of advanced interface
- Audio tracks support
- Support for input and output points
- Converting of files while pasting
- Matching tag colors
- Cinema playback mode
- Viewing miniature by pointing the index
- Ability to rename files during inserting
- The function of determining the necessary information of inserted clips
- Adobe Story integration for turning scripts into metadata
- Collaboration with Adobe Anywhere
- Inserting files into chosen packages
- Sony XMPilot metadata support
- 64-bit files support on Mac OS and Windows
- Export of pre-mounting
- Metadata with search in all fields
- Ability to make a complete and partial insertion
- Ability to change formats during inserting
- Fast marking of materials
- Integration into almost any technological process
- Creating preliminary file collections
- Scrolling of miniatures in the insert dialog box
- Customizable markers
- Customizable metadata import
- Customizable extensibility.
Rough cut transitions
Keyboard shortcuts for tagging
Refined user interface with HiDPI support
Multiple audio track support
In and Out point support
File re-wrap on ingest
Matching tag colors
Cinema playback mode