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AutoSketch® 10 2D drafting software provides a comprehensive set of CAD tools for creating professional-quality precision drawings. 
Perfect entry-level CAD tool for Hobbyists, contractors, illustrators, designers, and students. Use AutoSketch to create conceptual sketches, architectural drawings, technical illustrations, electrical drawings, product specifications, informative graphics, and much more.
From electrical details to floor plans, and from conceptual sketches to product specifications, AutoSketch helps you design in a wide variety of fields and applications.

  • Getting Started Tutorials get you up and running quickly.

  • A customizable work environment provides a flexible and efficient workspace for straightforward drawing.

  • Content libraries offer the simplicity of ready-made, drag-and-drop content.

  • And DWG™ file compatibility means you can create and share industry-standard drawings.


Fast startup
Customizable work environment
Powerful drawing tools
Instant precision drawing
Updated DWG file compatibility
Windows Vista® operating system compatibility

Customer Ratings:

Autodesk AutoSketch 10
Rated 4.72 out of 5 based on 9 customer reviews


Reviewed in United States on June 20, 2020
Top notch schematic drawing program. Used various versions form many years. I recommend this to anyone needing to draw electronic circuits. It comes with a large selection of electronic symbols are you can make your own (I have a large library of custom electronic symbols). You can make mechanical drawings too.
Reviewed in Slovakia on May 11, 2020
Great CAD program. If you're used to Autocad's commands and workflow it takes a bit to adapt to Autosketch's way of doing things. But it's definitely a very capable CAD program. Worked just fine under win 8.1 pro. I give it 4 stars because it's now a bit outdated (2008-2009) and it can't open latest Autocad dwg files. I hope Autodesk releases an updated version soon.
Reviewed in Canada on April 02, 2020
AutoSketch has all the functionality that I need at a reasonable price.
Reviewed in United Kingdom on March 09, 2020
I still like it because it is so small and so easy to use once you have learned it. It has many features for its size.
Reviewed in United States on November 30, 2019
Best CAD product out there for the price and easy to use.
Reviewed in United Kingdom on November 07, 2019
Great for sketch work, when you need to get the work out quick. It is the same program as QuickCAD.
Reviewed in United Kingdom on October 09, 2019
We decided to take a risk on a cheaper software instead of the much more expensive versions. It was way more affordable then other options and we were rewarded greatly. It did everything we needed it to and was fairly easy to pick up and learn how to use. I am so glad we didn't waste our money on a fancier product!
Reviewed in Canada on April 11, 2019
With this software, AutoDesk does a wonderful job creating an affordable tool for the DIY designer, fabricator, builder, etc. The power and precision of the AutoSketch product shouldn't be underestimated. The more knowledgable and proficient the user as it relates to understanding the concepts of "measurement" and "mechanics", the more the user will appreciate the ability of this program.
Reviewed in United States on December 04, 2018
This product is the best two dimensional drawing products that I have ever used, and I have used a lot of this type of product

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