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What is AutoCAD?

If you want to download a decent computer-aided design and drafting system, then choose Autodesk AutoCAD 2020. It is the best deal to buy. This program object is suitable for creating construction, architectural, engineering programs. Also, it can be used for educational purposes. Students and teachers can install the network version of licensed AutoCAD 2020 software. This is necessary to ensure the current educational process. Also, this is necessary to engage in scientific work, for example.

Top New Features of AutoCAD 2020

1. Measurement Tool

This tool can track faster the following details. Distances along with line segments, distances between parallel lines, and angle measurements. It is now created as the default tool for measurements. If you need an old classic measurement tool, then it is still available. It can be also obtained through standard commands.

2. User interface

Midnight Blue is a new theme from developers. It makes white icons even more contrasting. Moreover, the icons have acquired even more improved graphics.
If this color theme doesn’t suit you, then you can change it at any time.

3. Cloud workflow

Now cloud services are available in dialogue boxes in Windows («Save» and «Open»). You can drag frequently used files into a sectional list. Its feature consists of quick access or quick opening drawings.
If you save to the cloud, then your information will not be lost. You can also disable the capabilities of cloud storage if it’s necessary.

4. Block palette

AutoCAD 2020 provides the following mechanisms for interacting with blocks:

  • Insert dialogue: It gives an opportunity to search for blocks in current drawings and add new ones to them. The command to invoke the dialogue is I.

  • Toolbar: It is filled with predefined blocks. Blocks are installed with the program. If you want to add a block, you must do the following. Once click on the desired block, and then click on the desired area in the drawing. The command —TP.

  • DesignCenter: It provides the ability to view current or previously saved drawings. This is necessary so that it is possible to transfer blocks between drawings. The command — DC.

Composition of the AutoCAD 2020 software package

AutoCAD 2020 provides specialized tools that improve the process several times.

  • AutoCAD;

  • Raster Design;

  • Mechanical;

  • Electrical;

  • Architecture;

  • Desktop, web and mobile applications;

  • MEP;

  • Map 3D;

  • Plant 3D.

Increased productivity

One of the main updates of AutoCAD 2020 is increased productivity of several processes and operations:

  • The installation time of the program has been reduced;

  • The time of each file save is reduced to 1 second;

  • Access time to external links, blocks and other auxiliary files is reduced. For example, tool palettes, fonts, line types and so on.

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Customer Ratings:

Autodesk AutoCAD 2020
Rated 4.75 out of 5 based on 2 customer reviews


Reviewed in United States on July 02, 2020
It is worth noting the work of technical support specialists. They can answer you at any time. It is also possible to set a time for talking on the phone. I also like the ability to use the software anywhere. There are no attachments to one place.
Reviewed in Canada on June 30, 2020
The DWG file comparison feature works great. My work has been greatly facilitated by this feature. I highlight various unique objects using colors. So the difference and other parameters are noticeable at a glance.

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