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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 is a powerful raw photo editing and management software for both amateurs and professional photographers. The app allows you to work fast and efficient by providing every tool you might need in one user-friendly solution.
Comparing the Creative Cloud version and the standalone Lightroom 6, both products are receiving bug fixes, updates and new camera effects, however, unlike Creative Cloud version, Lightroom 6 does not offer online tools or will be updated with new features.The main advantage of purchasing Lightroom 6 over CC, is the fact that a customer receives a “perpetual license” - a digital copy of the product for unlimited use. Although the Cloud edition is significantly cheaper, one would have to prolong the license every month/year. In addition to that the CC Lightroom can be used at the same time only on two separate machines, which is a major drawback for organizations with more than three workstations. Furthermore, opposite to the CC version of software, which features a reworked interface of seven modules (Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web), Lightroom 6 offers a familiar list - File, Edit, Develop, Photo, Settings, Tools, View, Window and Help. For some that have previously used another photo editing/drawing software, this might be another good reason to look into Lightroom 6.
Compared to LR 5, purchasing Lightroom 6 is not that large of a step up in the terms of new features. Although the software’s general performance is highly dependent on your GPU and CPU, Lightroom 6 utilizes them far more efficiently than the previous version, offering a noticeable speed improvement. For those who have a low-spec PC, it certainly is a necessary upgrade. Even if your workstation has only 2GB of RAM or 1GB of VRAM, LR 6 will run smoothly. Adobe also introduced a few new features such as HDR merge, Face Detection, Panorama Merge and etc.

Lightroom 6 new features:

• Performance improvements
• High dynamic range (HDR) merge
• Panorama merge
• Facial recognition / tagging
• Advanced video slideshows
• Importing photos to collections
• Precise black-and-white conversion
• Advanced Healing Brush
• Upright tool
• Filter brush
• Dehaze

• Virtually has no alternatives as a RAW image processor.
• Does not alter the original files while you are editing them.
• A vast range of presets (including community created).
• User-friendly interface.
• Reasonable price for a “perpetual license”.

• The file management system is not its strongest part.
• Less image manipulation tools compared to Photoshop
• Does not receive new lenses/preset updates.

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