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AutoCAD LT 2016 is a 2D oriented version of AutoCAD. Since 1982, AutoCAD was utilized for making 2D and 3D drawings by architects, engineers, drafters, graphic designers, and various other experts. Regardless if the task is related to construction, manufacturing, or design; if the workstation PC or Mac OS based; if the user is an expert or an amateur on drafting programs - AutoCAD will help finishing this task on time without no compromise on quality of the project.

AutoCAD LT is an entry-level version of AutoCAD with a marginally smaller number of functions. The app is one of the cheapest computer-aided design and drafting programs on the market, at the same time offering a wide range of features, user-intuitive design, top-notch support and comprehensive documentation as compared to other drawing apps.

Compared to the AutoCAD 2015 LT, the 2016 version offers a more comprehensive user interface, Smart Dimensioning enhancements, significant move and copy performance boost, Xref and PDF enhancements, Navisworks Support (either NWD or NWC formats), improvements to Revision Cloud and a number of refreshed commands.

Compared to the full-scale AutoCAD 2016 version it lacks a few features - creating, viewing, and editing 3D models; it can’t be used on multiple workstations on one network; it doesn’t support API/plugins customization options (such as LISP, ARX, .NET, VBA, etc); lacks Sheet Set Manager and Action Recorder automation; any management tools standard for CAD are absent; and there’s no support for online collaboration.
However, even with this reduced set, the app is perfect for the following tasks: creating, viewing, and editing 2D models; annotating drawings; sharing and applying information from DGN files and online maps; customizing the workspace - toolbar ribbon and tool palettes.

(Please note that the Mac OS version of AutoCAD does not feature ribbon, tool palettes, sysvar monitor, or migration tool)
The app now also features Geometric Center Object Snap, the most requested function on the AUGI wishlist for 2016. It allows the user to snap to the center of polygons/closed polylines, omitting the previous machinations on determining the center (Command line GCE initiates the ability to snap to any other object).

AutoCAD LT supports export and import in DXF, DWG, DWS, DWT, WMF, SAT, 3DS, FBX, PDF, and DGN formats.

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