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Sketchup Pro 2016 is a paid version of the CAD/3d modeling software from Trimble (formerly Google SketchUp). However, it would be incorrect to assume that Sketchup, similarly to AutoCAD or Inventor, is mainly used to create blueprints for machinery or buildings. It can serve as 3d modeling software, house wizard, for CAD drawing, drafting and many other tasks. Just like any other Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software, SketchUp is a very complex and capable program with an impressive number of features. Yet, what makes it the tool of choice for professionals and starters is the simplicity and intuitiveness of interface, customizable tool palettes, vast number of plugins and, of course, hundreds of thousands of premade user models in 3D Warehouse library.

Simple CAD software might sound self-contradictory, however it is exactly “simple”. Even if one has never previously used CAD or 3d modeling software, he will have no problem familiarizing with all basic tools within 15-20 minutes. Because of its simplicity, the program was included in some middle/high school educational programs. One year of free support and a vast amount of guides and tutorials on internet make the task even easier.

As was mentioned earlier, SketchUp offers a direct access to Trimble’s Warehouse of 3D models - although even the Pro version doesn’t come with a lot of preloaded models, you can still access thousands of user shared models anytime. And unlike the libraries that come with similar programs, numbers of designs posted at 3D Warehouse multiply every minute. While some of them definitely need some adjustments and fixing, they will definitely make your work easier

Despite the fact that most of SketchUp tools are designed for 3d modeling, yet it offers a set of tools comparable to that of a 2d geared CAD software - texturing, color editing, layer manager and similar.

SketchUp Pro 2016 features SketchUp Make functionality, common 2D and 3D formats import/export, LayOut and Style Builder. It is also closely integrated with Trimble Connect and Trimble 3D Warehouse.

Compared to the free version, which is offers export in .SKP, .DAE and .KMZ file formats, the Pro version features support for .3DS, .DAE, .DWG, .DFX, .FBX, .OBJ, .XSI, .WRL, .JPG, .TIFF, .PNG, .BMP, .PSD, .TGA, .PDF, .EPS, .DEM and .DDF file formats.
(Files that have geolocation are always stored in the Google Earth .KMZ format. Housing/building designs can be saved in .SKP - SketchUp file format.)

• Universal
• Intuitive interface
• Customization options
• Open library (3D Warehouse)
• Extensive documentation

• Heavy files for high-poly models
• No rendering capabilities
• No animation/rigging capabilities

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