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AutoCAD LT 2017 is a 2D oriented version of the industry leading AutoCAD. Although it does offer a marginally smaller number of functions as compared to the original program, the app is one of the cheapest computer-aided design and drafting programs on the market, which is something to consider. If you are a specialized company who doesn’t want to pay extra for the unnecessary functions or a college student, AutoCAD LT offers a satisfactory number of features, user-intuitive workspace, top-notch support and comprehensive documentation as compared to other computer-assisted drawing apps. All of this while being sold at less than a quarter of the original AutoCAD’s price.

Compared to the AutoCAD 2016 LT, the 2017 version offers an improved user interface, major improvements to 2d graphics, smart centerlines, off-screen selection, high-resolution monitor support, enhanced feature highlighting, better Migration tool and desktop Autodesk app support.
As compared to the original AutoCAD, LT version lacks a few features - creating and editing 3D models; raster/image commands; can’t be used on multiple machines connected to one network; doesn’t support API/plugins customization options (LISP, ARX, .NET, etc); lacks Sheet Set Manager, Action Recorder, Truecolor abilities, expanded PUBLISH, some Express Tools; a few common commands and virtually no support for online collaboration.

However, even with this reduced set, the app still suits perfectly for its primary purpose - creating, viewing, and editing 2D models. Due to this somewhat limited functionality, the app can also be used for annotating drawings, sharing and adding information from DGN files and online maps, adding and managing CAD standards and et cetera. It also offers customization of the workspace with toolbar ribbon and custom tool palettes. (Please note that the Mac OS version of AutoCAD does not feature ribbon, tool palettes, sysvar monitor, or migration tool).
It has to be noted that the software runs perfectly on low-end workstations such as 1GHz x86 machines with 2GB of RAM, integrated graphics and a 1360x768 monitor. Although large projects will require quite a bit more RAM, LT makes a perfect choice for those who have not upgraded their workhorses in a long time.

AutoCAD LT is one of the best options for users who don’t need to work with 3D geometry. Whether you are an engineering student or a contractor company - you get a well polished and stable product, that enables you to work fast and efficiently. Opposite to a certain freeware CAD program, Autocad LT is not known for crashing in middle of a project. It does not require you to install additional software due to the lack of certain functions. If you are struggling with some tool - there’s a responsive support and a huge community. These are only a part of the long list of reasons why to buy a well-tested and reliable software. features a wide range of professional software, including AutoCAD LT 2017, at discounted prices. Spend your funds more efficiently.