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AutoCAD 2017 is the leading CAD design solution from AutoDesk. It offers a fast and efficient workflow by providing users with intuitive workplace, vast number of tools, support for API customization and automation, extensive documentation and an impressive number of guides and documentation.
There are many reasons as of to why AutoCAD is the go-to CAD software for both experts and enthusiasts, but the main one is the fact that for a reasonable price you get a well polished product with intuitive interface, responsive tech support and a large community. Unlike some certain free alternatives, it will not crash on you in a towards the end of 5 hours of non-stop work without any chance to recover your project. You will not have to stumble through forums trying to find useful information among the scarce documentation. It will run perfectly smooth on 32-bit OS’es; machines with 2GB of RAM and integrated Intel graphics; 720p monitors and so on.
Most notable features are as following:

• 3D scanning and model import - Use, attach and edit models obtained via 3D scanning or other 3D modeling software.
• DWG and picture references - Add any drafts and pictures to the drawing.
• Geolocation - Attach geolocation data to your project.
• Migration tool - Transfer your custom settings from a past machine/project.
• Interface customization - Adjust your workspace according to your needs.
• Multi-client license sharing - Make your spending more efficient with pooling licenses on a server.
• Sysvar monitor - Screen in real-time system variables and get notified about changes from a predetermined list.
• CAD standard managing - Use predefined CAD standard to produce project with consistent layers, dimensions, text and etc.

Autodesk customers are given an option of Desktop Subscription, which offers access to Autodesk software for a limited amount of time with the ability to refresh the license later. It provides users with such benefits as Autodesk 360 cloud services, Maintenance Subscription, AutoCAD 360 Pro Mobile (Android/iOS mobile app) and many others.
AutoCAD’s customization options are another major pro for an experienced user. In short - it supports a number of user-made APIs, which include but are not limited to AutoLISP, Visual LISP, .NET, and ObjectARX(C++ class library). Using the latter you can extend and alter AutoCAD’s functionality for a specific professional field like architecture or electrical engineering. There also is an impressive library of plugins (or add-ons), which you can access anytime via Autodesk’s store Exchange Apps.
Although somewhat limited in terms of importing/exporting formats, AutoCAD offers quite a lot more than the famous SketchUp or other free alternatives - DXF, DWG, DWS, DWT, WMF, SAT, 3DS, FBX, PDF, and DGN groups.

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Customer Ratings:

Autodesk AutoCAD 2017
Rated 4.83 out of 5 based on 3 customer reviews


Reviewed in Canada on May 30, 2020
Simply fantastic. Wow!!. Worth more than the price. Explained all in a simple, practical and master's expertise. I very much recommend for any body regardless of your drawing standard.
Reviewed in United States on April 3, 2020
I have been using Autocad since 1985, so I know the base package very well. It has served me well, and the 2017 version will probably be the last one I use , as I am retiring to the life of Riley soon. This rental model is new, and there definitely is a learning curve if you are not familiar with the software already. Be prepared to spend some time getting up to speed; I don't recommend licensing by the month to learn it because you will not be very productive your first month without some formal training under your belt. That said, Autocad has become a very versatile, extendable, and customizable product for both 2d drawings and 3d. I will miss creating with it.
Reviewed in Italy on October 30, 2019
Industry standard software that exceeds expectations.

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