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A large number of tools allow you to improve and ease the work process. Designers will be able to automate the creation of floor plans, edit scanned drawings. For example, take a set of Architecture. It allows you to add various architectural elements: doors, walls, and windows. Now you do not need to draw lines and other details yourself.

The structure of Autodesk AutoCAD 2019

  • Plant 3D: Its main function is to create schemes of corpse pipelines and devices. Further, these schemes will be integrated into the 3D model.

  • Map 3D: This includes specialized mapping tools. They allow you to combine data for planning, design, and data management. The set provides access to geospatial data. They are kept in specific files.

  • MEP: It consists of specialized tools for the design of engineering networks. MEP includes a big number of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing details.

  • Raster Design: Here are the tools needed to convert a bitmap to a vector. They allow you to edit scanned drawings and convert bitmaps to DWG objects.

  • Architecture: These are specialized building design tools and objects and styles connected with architecture. They accelerate the development of architectural drawings.

  • Electrical: These are specialized tools for designing electrical systems. They consist of more than 65,000 characters. They are necessary components of electrical systems.

  • Mechanical: These are specialized tools for designing mechanical structures. A lot of features and symbols are available if you need to product design.

New features of AutoCAD 2019

1. Increased workflow productivity

Increased performance of the system in 2D and 3D environments. It's also increased in printing and selecting objects. However, it is worth remembering one point. The performance of this software depends on the characteristics of the computer. You should not inspire yourself that there will be a sharp increase in productivity. Especially when you want to complete all tasks at once.

2. Convenient interaction with projects

A new tool called Shared Views has appeared. It allows you to share project data without sending PDF files. All you need to do is to send a link to the file, by which it can be viewed directly in the browser from any device.

3. Drawing Comparison

Now you should not complicate your work. This feature will help to determine the graphical difference between the two versions of the drawing. You can immediately see changes, find collisions, etc. All changes can be highlighted. This is very convenient because you will not be able to miss the smallest details.

Information Security

AutoCAD 2019 updates regularly. This point deserves a separate highlight. Now a new system variable SECUREREMOTEACCESS is added. It gives an opportunity to restrict access to files from the Internet or locations on remote servers. Now your files will be safe and will not be subject to serious threats to information security.

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Customer Ratings:

Autodesk AutoCAD 2019
Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer reviews


Reviewed in United States on July 02, 2020
Many useful features include this version of the software. The most useful option for me is the ability to open and save drawings online in Autodesk on the Internet and mobile devices. This is possible with any mobile device, web application, and PC. I can perform such actions from anywhere in the world. The most important thing is that you need to have access to the Internet. It won't work without the Internet.
Reviewed in United States on June 27, 2020
I usually use 2D graphics and 3D navigation. It was important for me that these components were improved in the new version. 2D graphics now have improved accuracy and performance. 3D Navigation has in turn undergone improved performance. Everything works even faster and more efficiently than it was before.
Reviewed in United States on June 04, 2020
Autodesk employees are praised for their ongoing work on information security. A system variable has been introduced in the new version. This option is one of the most convenient and reliable in AutoCAD 2019.

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