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Work with a complete set of design and engineering tools

General Information

Autodesk Inventor Professional is a software product family, which has in stock a wide range of work tools. They are widely used in engineering 3D simulation, for analysis of objects, in designing and data transfer. Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 helps to cross the line of tridimensionality. It could become the professional engineering solution for design and simulation because of high standard DWG™ drawings. Digital counterpart technology based on a 3D model set of high accuracy and it gives an opportunity to make a project, analysis, and visualization before the production of the first template. This technology, realized in Autodesk Inventor, allows improving the quality of the product and reducing the development costs. You will be able to commercialize your product faster.

2020 Updates

The new release of Inventor includes updates and improvements by popular requests for intensification of work engineering, reducing duplicate tasks, and adaptation of work for user needs. You can install and activate the new version of Autodesk Inventor and put to the test its new features:

Inventor AnyCAD for Revit

Saving content-addressable data relationships Revit and Inventor with AnyCAD for unhampered cooperation.

Automatization of layouts building

The speed-up of layouts building due to updates of sheet formats and iLogic.

Advanced bay generator

The speed-up of creation bearing elements documentation and its release due to improvements of user's interface and reprogramming tools.

Advanced details simulation

Saving your time due to improvements in the level of details for metal sheets and multi details.

Advanced assembly simulation

Pipes and pipage assembly simulation data, assembly work structures, and file naming.

Advanced layouts building

Optimization of runtime process due to improvements in the level of layouts and new orders.

Work in Autodesk Inventor

Arrangement of the scratch space with the help of new parameters at the property bar and also a new dark theme. The validity, safety, and maximum effectiveness are provided by the existence of backing for record and reading DWG files. In Autodesk Inventor there are many flexible options and tools like a shortcut menu bar and models manipulation on mouse hover. The update interface «Welcome to Inventor» will help new customers to begin the work and skilled users to learn more about its opportunities with it.

Improving performance

Improving performance data while engineering details, assembling, and bays. Inventor 2020 promotes improving performance with the help of a powerful tool of sketch creation (extending\clipping, software arc length metric tools, and others). Autodesk Inventor Professional is available to buy now as it optimizes a lot of work processes. It allows creating configurations of layout from the AutoCAD program as well as the orthogonal section. Content-addressable indications and legends apply at Autodesk Inventor.

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Share timely feedback with built-in collaboration tools

Satisfy demands for custom products and automated processes

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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020
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Reviewed in United States on July 01, 2020
It's a very nice product. I got a download link and then three years subscription at their official site. It's working with no deference. Everything was hassle-free, recommend to cooperate with them.
Reviewed in United States on June 29, 2020
I haven't got any problems with the whole process of buying it. Use the official site to avoid scams. Also, there is a 40% discount and subscription for three years. My order was approved in 10 minutes, but sometimes it takes more time, as I know. The program is working without errors, I am pleased with it.

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