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Software Adobe Illustrator CS6 is a powerful tool for working with vector graphics. Product Adobe Illustrator CS6 is for professional designers, interactive projects and web-page designers, animators and specialists in the field of video. The new version of Adobe Illustrator CS6 contains the system Adobe Mercury Performance System, which allows you to process large files with high speed and reliability, offers a modern interface optimizing the execution of daily tasks and includes advanced tools for creativity. Adobe Illustrator CS6 users can easily create editable vector designs, convert raster images to editable vectors due to the effective tracing mechanism. Gradients are now used along the length, width strokes or directly within a stroke with complete control of the placement and transparency of the gradient. Vector graphics Illustrator (formats AI and EPS) instantly converted into layers of shapes After Effects.

New in Adobe Illustrator CS6

  • Adobe Mercury Performance System. Processing of large complex files with high accuracy, speed and reliability in Illustrator CS6 thanks to a new productive system. Native support for 64-bit OS Mac OS and Windows allows you to use the full capacity of the memory for opening, saving and exporting large files and previewing resource projects.

  • Creating a shared vector designs.

  • Tracing of Images. Convert the raster images to editable vectors with the help of a new tracking mechanism.

  • Application of gradients along the length, width or strokes directly within a full stroke control of placement and transparency of gradient.

  • Built-in editing in palettes. Edition of the names of layers, patterns, brushes, and other palettes without opening an additional dialog boxes.

  • Improved Gaussian Blur. Preview of assembly areas instead of the dialog box allows you to increase the accuracy of editing.

  • Advanced Functions of palette "Color". More accurate and fast sample of colors using the expandable color spectrum in palette "Color".

  • "Transforms" function of palettes is updated. Quick access to popular functions Scale Strokes and "Effects".


Work fast and with rock-solid stability Handle the most complex artwork with speed and stability. Adobe® Illustrator® CS6 software includes the new Adobe Mercury Performance System, with native 64-bit support for Mac OS and Windows® to power such tasks as opening, saving, and exporting large files and previewing elaborate designs.
Efficiently drive daily tasks and favorite features Work more efficiently and intuitively with a modern user interface. Familiar tasks are now streamlined, from inline editing of layer names to precise color sampling. UI brightness is smoothly adjustable to match other Adobe applications or your personal preference.
Design intuitively and with precise control Express your vision fully and more easily with refined creative features. Designing and editing seamless patterns, once difficult, is now direct and intuitive. A new image-tracing engine delivers clean, accurate vectors with easy-to-use controls. You can even apply gradients to strokes.