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BIM technology - Building Information Modeling is used in the application "Revit", for building design and architecture. Users can start their own projects, manage buildings and structures at any stage of their construction. A model based approach allows you to work with the most complex projects. "Revit" provides a number of functions which help you design architectural objects, engineered systems, building construction, and also help model the construction process.

The start of an architectural project

"Revit" allows architects and engineers to work their most complicated projects with high precision. The software has implanted a number of tools for architectural design and construction, that were created with the help of BIM especially for specific workflows. Users can analyze and arrange project decisions with support at any stage - from the initial stages to the release of their contracts.

Calculations and analysis

The mechanism for calculating energy consumption costs for "Revit" allows you to choose the appropriate project decision. Users can take advantage of cloud computing technology on a web service called "Green Building Studio" (English version). This opportunity is provided when you subscribe to "Maintenance" (Architecture 2015, MEP 2015, Building Design Suite 2015 Premium and Ultimate, Infrastructure Design Suite 2015 Ultimate). During the process you can take advantage of energy value comparison with costs for the lifespan of the chosen project. To make the results more visible, a display is provided in a graphical format.

Calculation of energy consumption with the use of detailed models. Analytical model establishment of energy consumption of the basis of building elements is done automatically. Users will be able to send data to the cloud "Green Building Studio" to further analyze their project using DOE2.2. By the completion of the analysis, you are able to access and compare the results and rationale of the designs.

Static calculations of constructions can be made with the use of cloud technology "Structural Analysis for Revit". Calculations are made possible for several versions of the chosen model. After receiving the results of the analysis, users can make more informed decisions about any specific project from the beginning. Taking advantage of the service "Structural Analysis for Revit" is possible with a subscription to "Maintenance".

One of the many benefits of "Autodesk" is the right to use previous versions of the software that allows you to save money on upgrading equipment, and also to make the transition to a new version when you feel necessary. A subscription to "Autodesk" allows you to set up a free additional license for employee PCs, which will use needed products from the subscription outside of the workplace (on business trips, at home, etc.).

Customers with a subscription to "Autodesk" are entitled to technical support. Within 24 hours from when the client asked for help, they will get their answer from an "Autodesk" technical expert.

Subscribers have the right to use "Autodesk" cloud technologies, which include 25GB of file storage and sharing for each subscriber and the right to rendering, optimization, analysis and other complex processes in a short time on "Autodesk360" facilities.


Energy analysis for Revit Support sustainable design decision making.
Energy analysis using building element Automatically create a more precise energy analytical model.
Structural Analysis for Revit Perform static analysis from the cloud.


IFC Linking Link an IFC file to the current project.
Interference check Scan Revit model for collisions between elements.
Worksharing Multiple users save their work to a central file.
Revit Server Collaborate on shared models across a WAN.
Vault integration Integration helps streamline data management.
Autodesk 360 integration Gain access to integrated Autodesk 360 features.
IFC Certfication Revit is certified by BuildingSMART International
Bidirectional links, multiple analysis packages Analysis results can automatically update your model.


Tooltips for Family Parameters Customize Revit MEP tooltips and communicate parameters and their use.
Trim/Extend Multiple Elements Trim / Extend can be used on multiple elements using box selection.
Family Parameter Order Adjustment Maintain parameter order as you specify.
Assembly Code Settings UniformatClassifications.txt location can be modified and reloaded.
Autodesk Exchange Access functionality through Autodesk Exchange.
Parametric components The graphical system for design, form making.
Bidirectional associativity A change anywhere is a change everywhere.
Conceptual design tools Sketch freely, and create free-form models.
Point cloud tools Connect laser scans directly into the BIM process.
Temporary view templates Change view properties temporarily.


Enhanced Hidden lines Use ambient shadows and hidden lines to show things that are in front of and behind each other.
Revision improvements Delete revisions and sketch your own revision cloud shapes.
Tag improvements Move tags and support consistency in your project.
Enhanced Schedules/material takeoffs Schedule Enhancements with Parameters, Filter & Grand Totals.
Images in Schedules Create schedules with images to show graphical information for elements.
Keynoting Settings Keynoting revision dialog has a single path.
View References Change the referenced view after a view reference has been created.
Duplicate Views Changes to Duplicate View Naming Defaults.
Construction modeling Derive greater construction insight from design models.
Interoperability Work more efficiently with your extended project team.
Material Takeoff Calculate/track detailed material quantities.
DWG, DWF, DXF, and DGN support Work with data from clients or contractors.
Tag on placement/by category Tag components as they are being placed.
Interface to external databases Output data to any ODBC-compliant database.


Anti-aliasing Improvements Turn on Anti-aliasing by view.
Sketchy Lines Sketchy Lines that allows users to achieve a hand drawn, informal sketch look.
Ray Trace usability improvements Noise-free rendering in ray trace mode.
Displaced views Create displaced building design views.
Design visualization Capture design ideas in a near-photorealistic state.
Rendering Minimize project costs with cloud-based rendering.