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This software for visual site creation works showing the changes made in real time. Thus, the creator does not need opening any HTML-code - the editing panel lets developer working with the web page, as with simple image. This program is aimed at creating a development environment that is available to the user without special education. Software uses new standards and superposes design precision, creative freedom and ability to operate with libraries and platforms while adding elements of navigation, widgets and HTML code to elaborate interactivity on the site.

The software allows planning structure of any site in visual mode, the use of new Layers panel to manage design elements of the site, choose one of a variety of printing types, add slideshows, contact forms and more to the site structure by simple drag and drop, add different web-elements of various sources creating site without writing code. Also this program makes it possible to view the desktop, mobile and tablet versions of the site, post site from any provider, do browser-based editing, run the site without moving files, create professional sites that are quickly downloaded and accurately reproduced on all browsers and devices and etc.

New functions of 2017 released program:

  • "Scale" tool.

An additional zoom function allows increasing the various parts of the project.

  • Addition of animation with use of CC Libraries.

Now users will be able adding animation directly from Animate CC by placing an animation element in CC Libraries library. Thus, it will be available immediately in the CC Librium Library and this item can be dragged and placed on any site. This will save time on saving and re-saving files and quickly add them to Adobe Muse.

  • Add items to the library with stop points.

The new function lets users selecting an element icon and place it on the page, and this element appears on new site in a new location with all the stop points and all its characteristics that were in the previous project. This new function helps to transfer the stop point with the element as well.

  • Share site with one click.

Now program has an additional bookmark, which allows accessing the site. If to export a site to any other one, it creates a temporary site and opens it in the browser. In this case, the "Sharing" function appears in the program. Clicking on it directly from the program, makes it possible see the link and check the site, copy the link in order to share with others, or go to In-Browser Editing right away for that, etc.

  • Support for Google reCAPTCHA 2.0.

 This function is available during creating standard forms in Adobe Muse. For example, if to create a feedback form, it is possible adding Google reCAPTCHA 2.0 during configuration.

  • Now buttons from the Adobe Muse form are exported as CSS marking.

Previously, "Send" button was exported as a series of images. Each button state was exported as an image during exporting the site. Export of the button form takes place in the form of CSS markup, and button is now part of the code, not the picture.

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