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Create impressive 2D-and 3D-projects using the software AutoCAD 2015. The software solution of AutoCAD, which is part of all Autodesk Design Suite software systems, helps to speed up work on detailing and documentation, which can be safely exchanged using TrustedDWG technology. The updated modern interface allows you to improve the design process, and productivity tools significantly accelerate the workflow. Page "New Tab" allows to create new and open existing drawings quickly. You can view the contents of the drawings in the galleries of the tape and also you can easily find out about the place of tools with the help of new features of window "Help".

AutoCAD 2015
Associates working processes within the integrated local, cloud and mobile solutions.
It allows you to initiate detailed design processes quickly.
It provides advanced capabilities of imaging.
It brings the reality of the working area of AutoCAD.
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New in AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD 2015 has an updated interface that delivers enhanced functionality and improved performance, as well as reducing the strain on eyes. A new page of tab helps you discover new and existing drawings, access to their content and allows you to get to work quickly. You can view the contents of the drawings (for example, block or text, dimension styles) directly on the tape with the help of tape gallery, which eliminates the extra clicks and saves time. Another new tool of designers time-saving is a preview of the results of the teams. Potential changes (eg, cropping, extension and copying properties) can be evaluated now before the command is completed. In 2015 tools for working with geological report from online sources, and tools for editing text, the user experience with the application's help system version have been improved.

Interface of AutoCAD program 2015 acquired a modern look. His darker tone prevent eye strain and make the colors more visible. The program has changed the color of the handles and the allocation of the selected objects, and the status bar is moved to the right side of the interface, freeing up the space for tabs sheets. The new interface is the best suited to work with 2D and 3D-graphics in hardware acceleration.


Refined interface
Ribbon galleries
New Tab page
Command preview
Help window
Professional documentation tools
Intelligent command line
Section and Detail views
Associative array functionality


Online maps
Reality computing
Surface Curve Extraction tool
Context-sensitive PressPull tool
3D free-form design tools
Surface analysis
In-canvas viewport controls
3D associative array
Editable UCS icon


Design feed
Connected design solutions
TrustedDWG™ technology
Autodesk 360 connectivity
Inventor file import
Social media sharing
PDF support
AutoCAD 360 app
Materials library


Exchange Apps
Windows 8 support
Customization and support file sync
Programming UI for specialized applications
Customizable and expandable ribbon UI
Development support