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Autodesk Civil 3D 2018 is a new version of the great design software product which is used all over the world. The product was developed for the creation of the civil constructions of the brand-new type. The application is deservedly considered to be the most effective and convenient instrument for improved civil engineering design and building documentation (it supports Building Information Modeling).

In the new version, the development team greatly improved existing features and added several new options.
To the improved features belong the following ones:

• Civil design. This option allows fulfilling design iterations much faster. All parts of the working process do not consume as much time as it was before.
• Documentation and drafting. The feature helps combine designing process with documentation routine. It seriously speeds up all processes and guarantees high quality.
• Analysis and visualization. To make decision making process easier and faster and enhance project delivery, you can use simulation, visualization and water analysis instruments that are integrated with design process.
• Collaboration option was created with the aim to cope with the difficulties that appear between members of the team. This option helps make working process more streamlined and effective.

The list of new features is also very impressive.

• Relative feature lines. Get elevation feature lines from a surface or relative to a surface, due to this feature lines update with the modifications to the surface.
• Dynamic offset profiles. Make dynamic offset profiles with the help of pre-installed cross slope. Change them by configuring the settings of the profile.
• Connected alignments. Make a brand-new dynamically connected alignment and profile that interacts between two intercrossing alignments and their profiles.
• Pipe sizing and evaluation. The feature gives users many new options. You can now resize pipes, reset inverts as well as calculate energy and compute hydraulic grade lines.

The list of options of this software can be continued, but the above-mentioned features will make you think about purchasing the app immediately.

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