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Adobe InDesign CS6
Adobe InDesign CS6 is a robust page layout software, which does not have any alternatives in terms of features and functionality. Even though Adobe has moved all of its products to the annual subscription service, also known as the Creative Cloud or CC, both InDesign CS5 and CS6 are widely used due to the “perpetual license” - the fact that the software can be used indefinitely on purchase is an advantage important enough for many professionals around the world.
In terms of functionality, Adobe’s InDesign has virtually no alternatives. And although the CC version does offer a marginally larger number of features, for a reasonable price CS6 still can provide both dilettantes and experts with all the necessary tools they might need.
Because InDesign is a professional level software, a steep learning curve is inescapable. Even having prior experience with similar software such as QuarkXpress, one will have to make multiple adjustments to their work process. However, it must be noted, the latter fact is not an obstacle for an interested individual with access to internet - besides the official website filled with tutorials, there is an immense amount of documentation and guides on specialized websites. Plus, in this case getting familiarized with the basics is enough to start working and then expand knowledge on need.
The key features of InDesign CS6 are as following: Liquid Layout, which changes the page content according to user layout changes; Alternate Layout - similarly to Liquid Layout it automatically alters page content according to used devices/screens; Link Content allowing multiple users to edit a document online; Content Collector allows to recycle content from a document to later use it in another; Form fields creation before exporting in PDF; Split window view; and et cetera.

InDesign CS6 new features:

• Content Collector tools.
• PDF forms.
• Enhancements to the Pages panel .
• Split window.
• Persistent text frame fitting.
• Custom style mapping.
• Ability to preserve local edits.
• Export enhancements.


• Convenient and user-friendly interface.
• A vast number of features.
• Reasonable “perpetual license” price.
• Extensive documentation.

• Steep learning curve.
• Not supported anymore.
• Not fully compatible with CorelDraw. offers experts and amateurs a wide range of engineering, drafting and graphic design software products such as Adobe InDesign CS6 at attractive prices. Unlike Adobe’s current annual subscription model (Creative Cloud), a license purchased from this website is “perpetual” - you get to use the product you paid for in unlimited use.