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AutoCAD Electrical 2016, an electrical systems oriented version of AutoCAD, is a part of the Autodesk Digital Prototyping solution. As it is based on the full version of AutoCAD, it retains all of the original features while featuring industry-specific electrical CAD functions.
The idea behind creating this software was the fact that electrical engineers usually don’t have prior experience with AutoCAD. CAD programs are usually hard to master due to their general purpose and AutoCAD Electrical offers a productive cooperation for both construction and electrical teams without the need for the latter to undergo special training. It allows users to create the necessary documentation basing off the CAD blueprints and as a result neither side has to undergo special training, thus saving the precious design time and boosting overall production speed.
Of course it is possible to create, manage and edit electrical documentation in the original AutoCAD, however the features provided in the Electrical version can significantly ease your workflow:
• Electrical symbols are available, however you can’t supply them with the necessary information.
• Ordering lists can be created, but no autofilling is possible.
• Schematics cannot be organized in a single file with references.
Compared to any other electrical CAD softwares, ie SolidWorks Electrical, AutoCAD’s Electrical version supports realtime schematics error-checking which enables engineers to detect errors real-time while working on the project’s design. Besides eliminating human errors in the project, AutoCAD Electrical also offers support for various electrical standards. An impressive library with 700,000+ electrical symbols and over 3,000 intelligent PLC I/O modules allows professionals to save time while producing designs that correspond to every standard.
The vertical integration with AutoCAD allows users to productively collaborate on 2D/3D projects with mechanical/construction teams, customers, suppliers, administration and et cetera. All of the mentioned can edit and track progress of their project with the free Autodesk Design Review software allowing for a clear and fast work process.

AutoCAD Electrical 2016 other features:

• Automatic updating parts/connection lists.
• Auto wire numbering.
• Smart copying.
• Supports mounting correct drawing.
• Signal references between pages.
• Automatic drawing of connecting lines.
• Interproject copying.
• References between symbols.
• Generates graphical cable/terminal plans.
• Creating/sending ordering files.


• Intuitive interface.
• High level of compatibility with other CAD software.
• Customization options/plugins/APIs.
• 3D collaboration features (3d printing/modeling).
• Reduced human error due to the high degree of automatization.
• Ability to recycle projects.


• Complexity of the software.
• Prior training is required.

AutoCAD Electrical 2016 can ease your work process and significantly boost your productivity without a significant damage to your design time or funding. You can acquire AutoCAD Electrical license from BuyBestSoftware at an attractive price.