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This software, focused on the professional training courses and training materials. Adobe Captivate 2017 application is a key product of the Adobe eLearning Suite. This program provides conversion of textual information into speech, creation of interactive templates and graphically displays information.

The program can cope with the development of both conventional interactive courses, and more advanced courses with elements of the game. With its help, each can create demonstrations and simulations of products, develop materials for soft skills training, import ready-made Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and convert them to electronic format. In addition, a whole library of ready-made interactives and templates is available for developers. The developed materials can be played both on common computers, and on mobile devices.

Intellectual opportunities for e-courses developing

The capabilities of Adobe Captivate include: automatic creation of fully adaptive content that matches the parameters of devices; automatic transformation of existing projects into adaptive ones; automatic creation of excellent design thanks to the integration of Adobe Typekit.

Adaptive blocks

These blocks are triggered each time the user selects an adaptive theme. Each one can also manually create his own adaptive blocks. Objects placed in these blocks are automatically aligned when the course is opened on any device and in any browser, which provides the maximum convenience for students.

Creating adaptive e-learning projects for different screens

Content will automatically adjust to user devices. Use the built-in preview function on various devices to pre-evaluate the quality of the project's display. Publish one project and automatically provide the students with a fully adaptive course.

Automatic migration from desktop version to mobile one

The unique development of Adobe allows each user to transform obsolete courses, designed only for desktop PCs, into fully adaptive modules. Import available AC projects and save them as adaptive ones.

Adobe Typekit Integration

Now to achieve the same page display on all devices has become much easier. Create a set of Typekit font groups in the cloud using it in all the courses.

Adaptive scroll stripes

Use new vertical scroll stripe and an improved horizontal one for previewing content on devices with a wide diversity of screen sizes.

Adaptive text support

Create courses that will make an unforgettable impression on students, even with large sizes of text and small screens. Large paragraphs automatically collapse to several lines, and students can expand them to view the full text.

Customizable disabling subtitles

Make courses that meet the standards of accessibility, using disabling subtitles based on notes to slides, and subtitles for video on slides.

Previewing on different devices

Now the user can see how any content on a particular device looks like by selecting it in the menu.

Scalable vector graphics support

Create projects of excellent quality with vector graphics that will adjust to different devices and screen sizes without losing their quality. Use the function of end-to-end image editing with Illustrator.

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