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SOLIDWORKS 2017 Premium is a solid-modeling CAD (computer-aided design) and CAE (computer-aided engineering) software that is available exclusively for Windows workstations. It incorporates an impressive number of design instruments that feature built-in simulation, structural analysis, cost estimation, and rendering. Providing you with access to industry-leading innovative tools, SOLIDWORKS Premium improves speed and efficiency of your project creation workflow to achieve high quality results.
The advanced simulation capabilities are one of the biggest pros of using Solidworks. Solidworks allows for real-time testing of product performance providing simulation of motion and forces applied to the model. The program allows to eliminate human error and minor errands by providing users with real-time structure analysis tools. The performance and speed of on-the-go simulation and analysis impress even experienced users.
As compared to the previous versions, Solidworks 2017 offers the following improvements:

• Considerably better modeling power and performance to streamline your workflow.
• Easier to create complex 3D geometry with new improved surfacing tools. Save your time by skipping the complicated workarounds.
• Working with large assemblies is now more intuitive and simple. Large numbers of parts and sub-assemblies will not slow you down anymore.
• Working with 2D drawings is now quicker, simpler and more intuitive.

The following features are included only in Professional and Premium versions:

• Visualize Standard
• +1,000,000 premade Fasteners and Components
• Automatic task scheduling and Batch processing
• CAD Standards library + automatic checking
• CAD Libraries
• Cost & Cost Estimation
• ECAD/MCAD Collaboration
• Advanced Photorealistic Rendering
• Automated Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis
• Reverse Engineering
• eDrawings® Professional

The following features are included only in the Premium version:

• Motion Analysis
• Structural Part + Assembly Analysis
• Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Environmental Impact
• Infrastructure routing
• Routing of Rectangular and Other Sections
• Advanced Surfacing tool
• Assembly Level Cost Roll Up

Although there is a lot of alternatives, free and more expensive ones, complicated and more intuitive ones, famous and not, Solidworks Premium is certainly an option to consider regardless of the fact if you’re an expert in the field or an amateur. It surpasses any similar programs by the combination of an impressive range of tools, well polished user interface and a large community.
Solidworks supports an impressive range of import/export formats: 3D XML, 3DS, 3MF, AIT (Adobe Illustrator), AMF, PRC, PDF, DWF, CADKEY, CGR, DWG, DXF, HCG, HSF, IDF, IFC, IGES, JPG, OBJ, Parasolid, ProEngineer, PSD, Rhino, SAT, STEP, STL, TIFF, VDA-FS, and VRML.

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