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This is a reasonable solution for a truly professional digital image processing. The program has the most modern tools for operating with various picturesand new opportunities for implementing all sorts of ideas, thanks to whicheach can significantly make the productivity better. Now users can editimages with the highest accuracy, use new simple tools and workflows tocreate 2D projects, 3D graphics, and films.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 is included in Creative Cloud, for this reason allthe latest updates are available to users and since the time they arereleased access to new versions is provided. The opportunities of placingsomething in the cloud make it possible to systematize all the files onseveral computers. Each can also share any projects with anyone on theweb, making it directly from the program due to integration with Behanse and get immediate feedback about made work.

Major software updates of 2017 version:

The ability to search in application
With the new search panel, user can quickly find menus, Photoshop tools, resources of Adobe Stock, reference materials and guides directly in themobile application.

Advanced unification with Adobe XD
Now it is possible to replicate the elements to the clipboard and paste theresources of the program projects into Adobe XD.

Quickly create projects
To do this, use the templates located in Adobe Stock that are available in themenu.

Templates, search and 3D-objects
Templates for design and 3D objects are now available In Adobe Stock. Eachcan transfer the stock templates from the results of the search in the"Library" and immediately to the canvas and start working. To perform avisual search for such images, user needs to right-press on the stock image.

Updated panel «Properties»
Now not only information about the file is displayed, but also informationabout the main types of layers, which makes accurate editing more simple.

Maintenances of SVG color fonts
All installed fonts are now available in the menu of the software. SVG rasterand vector fonts are great for flexible design, as they support differentcolors.

Creative Cloud Libraries’ new features
Now Libraries cooperate with Adobe Stock templates. Also, the function"Send link" has been improved. Now user can give access to public libraries inthe "Read Only" mode. Tracked libraries are displayed in the Library paneland are automatically updated.

Enhancements of Creative Cloud Assets
Now each can perform backup and restore, view the history of all CC resources, including files in libraries, resourcesmade in desktop applications, and mobile projects.

Access to the Typekit Marketplace
The ability to buy the best fonts and use them in various Photoshop projects. The store supports fonts' synchronization and internet technologies that giveaccess to Marketplace fonts on any devices and from any applications.

General productiveness improvements
The application now works even more effectively due to improvements inoverall productivity.

And many other improvements
Function "Face-sensitive plastic" with possibility of independent eyecorrection, improved software interface for "Font selection" function and much more.