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This product is simply an amazing application that will allow each user to create tracks and mixes using the full software for music studios. This software product will transform any low quality song into a real masterpiece.

This professional software offers unlimited possibilities for experienced professionals who work in the sphere of making qualitative audio and video files. Simpleness of use is excellently combined with productivity of creation, allowing making classy copies of the highest level, to edit, compound, process, superimpose a diversity of audio specific effects. Acquiring with Adobe Audition CC 2017 the user gets a completely developed powerful recording studio that is quite simple to use and highly professional product at the same time.

Benefits of new 2017 version:

- "Basic Sound" panel
- Outright export from this program with Media Encoder usage
- Making of remixes and adjusting the duration of tracks
- Synthesized speech creation
- Automatic control of volume level
- Dynamic Link function for streaming transmission of video files from Adobe PP
- Dynamic recovery of connection
- Showing full-screen video files on two displays at the same time
- Automatic backup availability in Adobe CC
- Export and import of different markers
- Automatic copying function of imported materials to the session folder
- Records with countdown
- Improved interface that supports HiDPI
- Expanded support for video formats
- Improved Speech Volume Leveler function
- Support of iXML metadata
- Much better video quality
- Ability to open Adobe SB files
- Dolby Digital function support
- Custom separation of channel
- Improved multi-track capability
- The removing sound effect
- Elimination of extraneous noise and overloads with useful "DeClicker" and "Click / Pop Eliminator" functions
- "Making noise" effect
- Measurement of ITU sound intensity
- The "Fantastic Filter" effect
- The effect of"Enhanced stereo"
- "Pitch-Shifter" and "Modulation Controller" Effects
- Preview redactor
- Frequency range spreader
- Editing of sound waves with the display of spectral frequencies
- Color indicators for marking tracks
- Insertion of clips with several track into project
- Combining of videos
- "Phase analysis" convenient panel
- Editing of Favorites
- forwarding of files to
- Tracks extraction from CD into one file
- Sound transmission of highest quality
- 64-bit version of Adobe Audition
- Quick and accurate installation
- Reproduction with the possibility to skip fragments
- Clip stretching at a real time
- Automatic speech leveling
- Сontrol panel supports and automation of the parameters
- Tonality management tools
- Support for VST3, new effects and flexible routing of effects
- Advanced support for radio broadcast automation
- Metronome

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