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It is a high-quality program for editing video and various images, as well as using digital video effects, etc. It is most often used for creating clips, advertisement, titles for television and art clips, for animation and video effects. Modern graphic designers, movie makers, video editors are increasingly using this useful software in their work. It is reasonable to say that this program has become an industry standard for creating video effects and motion graphics.

Today it is possible to see the pictures created in this program, almost everywhere: starting with images for mobile phones, ending with animation for various sites. Many experts note that Adobe After Effects CC 2017 is the best program for creating video with high-quality effects. The program contains the best plug-ins that will greatly help the beginner who are working with video files. Such a high popularity and relevance of this program is due to the fact that flexible tools are offered here that can easily be used to obtain various information. In addition, a big plus is good integration with other popular programs and tools.

New features of 2017 version:

Visual editor of keyboard combinations
An updated function will change the view of editing with use of the keyboard. Users can assign shortcuts to their own requirements and simplify the editing process.

Data driven animation
The ability to do JSON information files importation from various sources to implement interactive animation in the application. Data files can be used as a video for creating pie charts, animations, high quality animation design.

Access to the points of the masks, shapes and strokes of the brush with the help of expressions
Now expressions can be used to read and write coordinates of points of contours or vertices for level masks.

Effects, conversions and 360 / VR titles
The program provides the most modern set of editing tools. Now each user can create high-quality products, effects, transitions and titles, smooth VR transitions to enhance the effect of presence in the video.

The panel "Create null values ​​based on contours"
It allows users creating animations based on expressions, without having to write expressions by themselves.

Improved productivity
Some of new version’s effects now support acceleration with a GPU.

Improved text input
New text enhancements can be used to more efficiently input any text information in text layers.

View fonts and other improvements in the font menu
The font menu in the Symbol panel now displays a preview of the appearance of the fonts. Now each can also mark fonts as favorites and display only selected ones or display only fonts downloaded from Topekit, select a font style.

New Start Screen Interface
Using the new home screen, each can speed up the process of setting up the project and start creating animations without delay. The "Composition" panel shows buttons for creating a composition or making a composition from the video line. To get started, users can simply press one of the buttons. offers to purchase great software on the most favorable terms and provides each buyer with a good discount from 40 to 75%.