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SolidWorks is a set of programs, which allows you to automate the work of industrial production both at the stage of development and technological preparation of production of various products of any complexity and purpose, and the special modules will help you to solve many problems at the stage of production and use.

Depending on the class of solved problems, the customers are offered three basic system configurations: SolidWorks, SolidWorks Professional and SolidWorks Premium.

Engineering data management system SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (SWE-PDM) within the software complex SolidWorks allows forming a single information space of enterprise, providing the collaborative (parallel) product development and production technologies, archive documentation management, reuse of development, automation of business processes, preparations of data for the system of management of the enterprise resources management, etc.

Tasks solved at the stage of technical preparation of production (TPP):
3D design of products (details and assemblies) any level of complexity taking into account the peculiarity of production (basic configurations of SolidWorks).
Creation of design documentation in strict accordance with State standards GOST (basic configurations of SolidWorks, DraftSight, SWR- Specification).
Design (basic configurations of SolidWorks).
Reverse engineering (SolidWorks Premium).
Design of communications (electric wiring harnesses and space-wired interconnections) - SolidWorks Premium, SWR- Electrics; pipelines - SolidWorks Premium, SolidWorks Routing).
Engineering analysis (strength, sustainability, heat transfer, frequency analysis, linear and non-linear approximation- SolidWorks Simulation; dynamics of mechanisms - SolidWorks Motion; gas/ hydrodynamics - SolidWorks Flow Simulation; optics and illumination - OptisWorks).
Dimension chains analysis (SolidWorks Premium, CETOL 6σ).
Preparation of data for IETM (basic configurations SolidWorks, 3DVIA).
Management of data and processes at the engineering stage (SWE-PDM).
Tasks solved at the stage of technical preparation of production (TPP):
Product design manufacturability analysis (basic configurations of SolidWorks, DFMXpress/DFMProfessional).
Production process manufacturability analysis (injection moulds - SimpoeWorks, punching process analysis- BlankWorks/FastForm).
Development of technological processes according to USPD, including material and labor rationing (SWR-Technology).
Design of tooling and other means of technological equipment (basic configurations of SolidWorks, MoldWorks, ElectrodeWorks, Logopress, etc.).
Development of program managers for the machines with CNC (milling, turning, turning-milling and electric-erosive processing - CAMWorks; laser, plasma and hydro-abrasive cutting, punching dies - cncKad; coordinate measurement machines - CMMWorks).
Management of data and processes at the stage of technical preparation of production (SWE-PDM)
Solidworks 2016 Premium is a software complex of automated design, engineering analysis and preparation of production of various products of any complexity and purpose. This complex is based on the core technology SolidWorks and is the most powerful one in functionality among the commercial packages of SolidWorks line.

The complex Solidworks 2016 Premium includes the following functions and utilities:
functionalities of SolidWorks Standard and SolidWorks Professional
SolidWorks Routing – pipeline design modules
SolidWorks Simulation (former COSMOSWorks) is a separate program for the strength analysis by the finite elements method
SolidWorks Motion (former COSMOSMotion) is a separate program for the calculation of mechanisms’ movement
SolidWorks ScanTo3D is a separate program for the transformation of cloud of points in the surface into the solid-state models
SolidWorks TolAnalyst is a built-in module for the analysis of dimension chains in 3D model assembly.
CircuitWorks is a separate program for the building of 3D model of printed-circuit-board.

Focus On Design, Not Software Work smarter and get the CAD system out of your way with fewer “picks and clicks”, increased modeling flexibility, a more intuitive interface, and easier access to commands.
Streamline Your Parallel Design Process Communicate, collaborate, and work concurrently across teams, disciplines, customers, and vendors with mechatronic design, concurrent design, and streamlined electrical/mechanical design.
Solve Complex Problems Quickly Innovative design simulation makes analysis more efficient to solve complex problems, visualize and verify functionality, and find potential errors before they occur.
Fast-Track Your Designs Through Manufacturing Create more detailed outputs for manufacturing and shorten product development to manufacture while you save time and reduce errors.

What's new

Speed Up Your Design Process SOLIDWORKS speeds up your design process, keeps you focused on your work, and helps reduce time and effort to achieve your desired geometry.
Increase Productivity Enhancements to the User Interface and workflows focus you on design (not the design tool) to increase productivity. The new look and feel is consistent across all of the SOLIDWORKS applications, for easy transition between tools.
Solidworks Solutions SOLIDWORKS design tools can help you conceptualize, visualize, test, and document your 3D designs, getting your products to market faster. Check out how our entire product portfolio works together to design different components of a smart refrigerator.
Verify Design Performance SOLIDWORKS 2016 Simulation tools deliver more control and greater insight to verify design performance. Ensure sufficient detail in mesh density to accurately account for stress variations, to be confident in resulting performance data.
Flatten Everything Many industries require flat patterns of complex geometry for manufacturing. Now you can flatten any surface and take the guesswork out of creating and validating flattened shapes.
Animate Assembly Motion New Mate Controller simplifies manipulation of assemblies with moving components, even those with many degrees of freedom, creating multiple solutions. Similar to a game controller, the new Mate Controller is an easy, intuitive way to create and animate complicated assembly motion.
Communicate Designs Downstream visualization of information is critical to engineering. eDrawings® improves collaboration and communication of designs throughout product development.
Solidworks Visualize In order to quickly and easily create marketing quality images, SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium now come bundled with SOLIDWORKS Visualize (Formerly Bunkspeed). This new pairing supports an enhanced workflow to get from CAD to "Photo" in just five fun steps.
Communicate With Manufacturing Manufacturers look to optimize how they work with suppliers. New enhancements to SOLIDWORKS MBD help you quickly and accurately communicate your design with downstream manufacturing operations.