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This software is absolutely one among the best programs for video making. Expanded possibilities make this program quite difficult to learn, but due to its popularity, there are many lessons that will help users on the first stages of discovering it. This useful program will allow editing the videos professionally with 4K and higher resolution. Each new version provides users with a number of improvements, more information of which can be seen on the website of the manufacturer of the product. Those who seriously want to do video editing and create truly high-quality video content, definitely have to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.

New features of the given version:
1. Greater convenience of working with group projects. These projects give a chance to several users to contemporaneously make projects in this editor and in a real time. Applications of the program support built-in functions for conflict resolution, version control and action tracking, so that project participants can work together no matter at which location they are. Now these functions are available in the Creative Cloud for different organizations and workgroups.

2. Improvements of the Lumetri Color function. New color options allow working with HDR10 files, immediately choose secondary HSL colors, and use advanced color space meta-information support.

3. Refined subtitles. The updated capabilities subtitles working allow users to more rapidly accomplish operations with different types of text, change the continuance of emergence and placement of text, and also create disabled and visible subtitles.

4. Dynamic Link functions started to work faster. Acceleration makes it possible to do without intermediary rendering and ensures higher frame rate during reproduction.

5. Publication in Behance. The ability to publish video directly to Behance portfolio - now users no longer need to separately send or export video.

6. Automatic detection in virtual reality regime. The program automatically identifies any video format in the mode of virtual reality.

7. Dynamic Link function with support of Character Animator. Dynamic Link helps to cope without transitional rendering and greatly improves productiveness while operating with integrated applications.

8. The updated program interface. In the new launch window, new users will have an overlook of the application's abilities, of video editing and prompts that allow creating a project in a speedy way using a template.

9. Improved templates. The new format of the file lets users to contemporaneous use the interactive text’s templates in some applications and specific After Effects license isn’t required.

10. New sound effects. They operate in real time mode and provide accurate sound transmission and high quality.

11. Typekit fonts synchronization. Users will no longer need to add lacking fonts manually while working with text templates. Fonts will automatically be synchronized and updated.

12. Assignment of buttons combinations. Speedy visional search, variation and creation of keys combinations.

13. Increased productivity. Through Apple Metal technology support and other graphics processor functions, users can now work even faster.

14. Simplistic media files addition. For the commodity of managing media data, each can associate several video clips into one file.

15. Import additional formats. So now, software supports much more formats, including export native format RED Helium and QT DNxHD / DNxHR.

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